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8kg Stove Logs- Pallet

Regular price €500.00

Our Premium Quality Eco Logs (5 logs per pack) are a renewable stove fuel- made from compressed dry wood shavings. They have Little or no ash content, Less than 9% moisture content, and offer up to one hour burning time. Light with a handful of kindling. It's a win-win to start savings on your fuel bills!  If you want long burning time at a cheap price with very little ash to clean- Try these now and you won't be disappointed. 

Be assured - You are doing your part to help the environment as they are a produced from recycled biomass. 

Buy 60 packs (1/2 pallet), 120 packs (1 pallet) or Click here to buy sample packs.


Product Description

Characterised by its hardwood colour, our eco logs are the best quality premium eco briquettes on the market. Our logs are Made of 100% Recycled Hardwood Biomass.

Product Features

- Net Weight Per Pack 8KG
- Moisture Level is less than 9%
- Log Length 290mm
- Can be broken into smaller
- Vacuum Packed
- Ash Content Under 1%
- Compressed dry hardwood shavings
- Each log burns for up to one hour
- Heating calorific value 18,9 MJ/kg
- Multi-fuel stoves and wood burning stoves

Product Details

- Dimensions of pallet:
W 1200mm x H 1200 X D 1000MM
- 1 pack = 5 logs x 1.6kg = 8kg
- 1 pallet = 120 packs
- Must be stored in a dry place
- Light with a generous handful of kindling
- Burn 1 Log at a time for optimum heat