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Wood Pellets- Pallet

Wood Pellets- Pallet

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All Star Eco friendly fuels are made from pure biomass including our Premium Quality A1 Grade wood pellets.  They are made from clean dry spruce shavings with no binders or additives used.

They have a high calorific value, long burning time, handy packaging with no major storage area demands and are super clean to handle. Ash from the wood pellets is rich in potassium, and hence is suitable for use as a garden fertilizer. 

Size: 6mm diameter -15 kg bags with 70 bags per pallet. (€8.70 per bag)


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Product Description

Clean dry spruce (90%) + pineshavings (10%), no bark, no binding agents, glues or waxes.

Product Features

-Diameter: 6 mm
-Calorific value: min. 17,0 MJ/kg
-Ash content: max. 0,35 %
-Water content: max. 8 %
-Certification: ENplus A1 CZ009

Product Details

- Dimensions of pallet: W 1200mm x H 1500 X D 1000MM
-1 bag= 15Kg
-1 pallet=70 bags
-pallet weight= 1050kg
-must be stored in a dry place