About Us We are Ireland's leading supplier of quality eco-friendly fuels


“Living for now with eyes on our future”

This simple yet profound statement captures our dedication to a sustainable future that doesn’t compromise on our quality today. From day one, we’ve been proudly stubborn about our standards. From our sustainably sourced eco fuels to our market leading range of eco stoves, we take pride in what we sell and even more in what we don’t.

We’re pushing our sustainability standards higher every day because better quality is a state of mind at All Star Heating.

Our Eco Stamp

We’re a purpose-driven company that aims to set the standards of quality for our industry. Our eco stamp is a mark of approval that the product meets our high standards and environment friendly credentials. It’s our promise to you that you’re getting our best.

Image of Janet O'Rourke and James Boyle All Star Heating


Committed to delivering quality

Established in 2017, we are a wholly owned Irish Business who put quality at the core of our business and into everything we create. We strive to perfect each and every one of our products. That’s why we provide the highest certified eco fuels at a price that feels right.   Janet and James Boyle are the people behind All Star. With nearly over 20 years experience in the construction and heating sectors, they are driven by providing a cleaner and eco-friendly alternative to heating your home.  Passion, innovation and an unrelenting work ethic has gone into creating our Eco products; you'll see the quality speaks for itself.


The best in eco friendly fuels

The future is something we all share.  We're playing our part to make it brighter for everyone by taking our green-living responsibilities very seriously and helping to preserve our environment.

Our range of eco fuels are second to none. They are certified to the highest EU Standards and- unlike other other logs in the Irish market- contain no additives, preservatives, glues or binding agents.  Instead, all our eco fuels are made from 100% recycled biomass from guaranteed sustainable sources.  They are carbon free and don't use any fossil fuels.

Get in touch with us today if you would like to sample them for yourself or find your nearest stockist; we guaranteed you'll be impressed.