All Star Firelog 10 Box- 700g Log
Image of All Star Fire log in its paper wrapper
Image of All Star Fire log in its paper wrapper

All Star Fire Logs- By the box

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Our Firestarter offers one of the biggest flames on the market!  Odourless, smokeless and gives you an instant fire.  Want more do you want? Just light the wrapper and get an instant fire in moments. This log replaces the need for kindling and firelighters.  Our All Star Fire Starter Log is Made from 100% natural and sustainable resources such as wood shavings, sawdust and wax.  Our log Burns for up to 1 hour and perfect for stoves, wood burners, open fires and fire pits. Fire starter logs available to buy in boxes of 10.  


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Product Description

Start your fire with our All Star Fire Starter log and experience convenience and a hassle free evening for instant heat and cosyness.

Product Features

- Net Weight Per Pack 700G
- Made from wax and wood shavings/pellets
- Can be broken into smaller
- Each log burns for up to one hour
- Suitable for open fires, Multi-fuel stoves and wood burning stoves

Product Details

- Dimensions of pallet:
W 1200mm x H 1200 X D 800MM
- Buy by the box or buy by the pallet.
- 1 box =10 logs x 700g
- 1 pallet = 132 boxes
- 1 pallet= 1000KG
- Must be stored in a dry place