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9kg Stove Logs- Half Pallet

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Our Premium Quality Eco Logs (5 logs per pack) are a renewable stove fuel- made from compressed dry wood shavings. They have Little or no ash content, Less than 9% moisture content, and offer up to one hour burning time. Light with a handful of kindling or our All Star Firelog. It's a win-win to start savings on your fuel bills!  If you want long burning time at a cheap price with very little ash to clean- Try these now and you won't be disappointed. 

Be assured - You are doing your part to help the environment as they are a produced from recycled biomass. 

Buy 54 packs (1/2 pallet), 117 packs (1 pallet) or Click here to buy sample packs.


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Product Description

Characterised by its hardwood colour, our eco logs are the best quality premium eco briquettes on the market. Our logs are Made of 100% Recycled Hardwood Biomass.

Product Features

- Net Weight Per Pack 9KG
- Moisture Level is less than 9%
- Log Length 290mm
- Can be broken into smaller
- Vacuum Packed
- Ash Content Under 1%
- Compressed dry hardwood shavings
- Each log burns for up to one hour
- Heating calorific value 18,9 MJ/kg
- Multi-fuel stoves and wood burning stoves

Product Details

- Dimensions of pallet:
W 1200mm x H 700 X D 1000MM
- 1 pack = 5 logs x 1.6kg = 9kg
- 1 pallet = 54 packs
- Must be stored in a dry place
- Light with a generous handful of kindling
- Burn 1 Log at a time for optimum heat