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All Star White Firelighters (TRIPLE PACK)
All Star White Firelighters (TRIPLE PACK)

All Star White Firelighters (TRIPLE PACK)

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Our Firelighters are easy to use, give an instant flame and you just need to use 2 cubes!  Odourless, smokeless and gives you an instant fire.  Our lighters are perfect for stoves, wood burners, ranges, open fires and fire pits. 

They light easily, and burn durably with intense heat for safe and efficient use, and leave no residue after completely burning out.  Just break off into small individual fire lighting cubes and place one or more on a thin layer of solid fuel and light them. Each cube ignites after 3-5 seconds of direct flame exposure and holds a steady flame for 5-7 minutes- sufficient to start charcoal, pellet, or wood.


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Product Description

Start your fire with our All Star White Firelighters and experience convenience and a hassle free evening for instant heat and cosyness.

Product Features

- Made from paraffin
- Can be broken into small cubes
- Just need to use 2 cubes to light fire with kindling
- Suitable for open fires, Multi-fuel stoves and wood burning stoves

Product Details

- Buy by the box - 8 in a box