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Image of Ravelli Dual 9 Glass Pellet Stove in a Modern Setting
Image of Ravelli Dual 9 Black Pellet Stove
Image of Ravelli Dual 9 White Pellet Stove
Image of Ravelli Dual 9 Bronze Pellet Stove
Drawings of Ravelli Dual 9 Wood Pellet Stove

Ravelli Dual 9 Pellet Stove

Regular price €2,460.00 Sale price €2,410.00

The Ravelli Dual 9kW Wood Pellet Stove can heat up a room quickly by with its built in fan and natural convection. Its self-cleaning grate makes life easier with its automatic emptying mechanism.  The ash pan only needs to be emptied every 30 days or after 150Kg of pellets burnt. The Dual 9 is available in three colours or glass sides and comes standard with touch remote control.



Product Description

The Ravelli Dual 9 is a 9Kw high quality Pellet Stove. Its natural flame is sure to impress you to reflect a flame like a wood-burning stove. m. The stoves 20Kg internal hopper means it can run for up to 26 hours from one loading of pellets.

Product Features

- Heat output: 3.5 kW-8.3kW
- Available in:black, white, bronze or glass
- Cast iron top
- Cast iron door
- Tank Capacity (Kg): 17
- Area: up to 200m3

Product Details

- Width: 460mm
- Height: 1080mm
- Depth: 562mm
- Controls remote control with display
- Centrifugal fan heating
- Double safety system
- Glass cleaning system
- Standard programmable thermostat
- In-built Timer