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Kiln Dried Firewood - By Pallet
Kiln Dried Firewood - By Pallet

Kiln Dried Firewood - By Pallet

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Kiln dried hardwood logs are one of the best fuel to use in a wood burning stove or open fire. Our premium quality kiln dried logs have been dried in a purposed built wood drying kiln to reduce their moisture content to between 14-19% maximum. These high quality kiln dried firewood logs have been split to a length of 25cm and come in 22L net bags (Approx. 8-10Kg) or loosely stacked in crates.  Collection can be organised at a cheaper price- please phone us.

Our Kiln dried firewood is available in Alder and Birch.


Product Description

Kiln dried is wood that has been dried in an insulated chamber which removes any any excess moisture from it. Less than 19%. Air-dried wood can take up to one year to season to the same dry levels.

Product Features

- Net Weight Per Pack 10KG
- Moisture Level is less than 19%
- Ash Content Under 9%
- Suitable for openfires, Multi-fuel stoves, wood burning stoves and firepits.

Product Details

- Dimensions:
Pallet: 1.2m x 1.2m x2.0m
- 25-30cm Log diameter
- 1 pallet = 96 net bags
- 1 pallet= 700KG
- Must be stored in a dry place
- 22L bags approx 8-10Kg
- Moisture Content <19%