Image of External Wall Vent
Image of External Wall Vent

External Wall Vent

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An External Wall Vent must be fitted to provide adequate ventilation to your living room for most stoves.  Your Installer will advise you on whether or not this is required based on Current Building Regulations. Ryton's Wall Vent provides over 100cm² equivalent area.
It has a unique draught reducing panel which disperses air evenly for improved comfort.


Product Description

- Suitable for Solid Fuel Stoves fitted on an external wall
- Paint or wallpaper the panel to match room décor for a discreet appearance.
- External water baffle prevents transfer of water across the cavity.

Product Features

- External grille: U.V. stabilised high impact polystyrene
- Tube: High impact polystyrene (contains recycled plastic).
- Softening point: 70ºC. Melting point: 120ºC.
- LookRyt panel: High impact styrene
- Melting point: 160-180ºC.

Product Details

- Size: External grille: 166mm L x 160mm H.
- Tube: 127mm (5″) Dia. x 358mm L.
- LookRyt panel: 172mm L x 172mm H
.- External grille U.V. stabilised to slow down the effects of sunlight.
- HETAS approved for use with solid fuel appliances.
- LookRyt Panel: Patent No. GB 2490138.